We offer quick turnaround time with an emphasis on quality deliverance. We choose to work with a select amount of clients in order to provide better care, focus, and attention to you.


We offer Residential and Light commercial PTI, Conventional, swimming pool foundation and Pier and beam foundation design.

What do you get in the foundation plan?

Foundation design including

  • Grade beam layout
  • Rebar/PT cable layout
  • All associated details adhering to recommendations of the soil report provided by Geo-Tech Engineers.


We offer Residential and Light commercial wood framing, steel framing, CMU wall panel design. We also offer as built design.

What do you get in the framing plan?

  • Load transfer path
  • Roof bracing layout
  • Ceiling framing layout
  • Floor system layout (Optional)
  • Steel members layout (As required)
  • Truss loading information
  • All associated detail

What do you get in the Wind bracing plan?

Wind bracing design including
  • Minimum requirements for wall sheathing-layout
  • Hold down/ Anchorage type and location
  • Let-In-Brace Location
  • Drag struts and Drug blocks location
  • Tall wall detail information and associated details.


We offer during construction inspections and post construction inspections

During Construction Inspections

  • Pre-Pour Inspections
  • Cable Stressing Inspections
  • Framing Inspection
  • Sheathing Inspection
  • As Built Inspections

Post Construction Inspections

  • Level A, Level B foundation evaluation
  • Truss issues/Framing/Lintel evaluation
  • Real State Inspections for buyer and seller